Thursday, November 10, 2016

all pics are by me. L brown

Some pics that i took from work, Love working for the parks. Lets take care of this planet!!!!

No words......other than President Trump....

React to how ever you choose. But everything will still be ok. America has survived many bad things in presidencies,...... and we will survive this.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


    I  wrote this on my Facebook page...just thought I would share it here.

    OK I do not normally post anything about politics on my page because to me it is such an ugly topic. Politics tends to upset people, divide people and basically bring out the worst in people. But after watching the president and vice president speeches last night I felt a need to express my thoughts. Being a president is more than just passing laws, "fixing" problems. It is more than trying to make every single problem disappear and meet everyone's needs. It is also about how you talk to a country who is divided and is looking for hope and positive ideas to look forward to, especially in difficult times. President Obama and Joe Bidden set an example how a president should talk and sound. They used language that makes people hope, makes people feel encouraged. Weather you believe in his politics or not is irrelevant because not one president in our history will ever or HAS ever solved every problem. Its an unfair expectation to think that. Every president will have some conflicts and flaws. Every president will need help from everyone to get things done. Yes, that means compromise on all sides. But communication is so important. I know you cant solve things with speeches but you can motivate people with speeches, especially when you actually mean them and when you use them for the better. Communication is actually important for everyone. It is the words we use in our daily lives that can make people or break people, I prefer to use words for the better. That is why in my heart of hearts I cant even wonder why Donald Trump is even close in the polls. I am not stupid I know the media twists things for their agenda, It happens to ALL candidates and all celebrities for that matter. But his words, his language, his body language, is so disrespectful to this country that it is scary to think people actually listen to this and are blind to his motives. As a person who actually wants equality for all, as a person who believes in God, as a person who thinks we need to work TOGETHER, and as a person who believes EVERYONE deserves a better life... I cannot and will not even consider Trump. If you do support him, then I feel very sorry for you because you cant see what America really is about. Guess what, America never stopped being great. We have our challenges, yes, but that doesn't make us less great....

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dust and Ashes

OK, so something different  to write about other than reporting god awful news in the media.I almost started today writing about the attack in France but  it got  sooooooo depressing. I am tired of writing about evil crap. SO today, I am moving on. Today its all about joy.

 Dust and Ashes....oh my how a new song from Groban is enough to make this gal happy. I swear waiting for a new Josh Groban song is like a kid waiting for Christmas. Its like a kid saying.."Daddy, can I open it now please please please please please"(use your best annoying voice here) Now I know I will probably never have the money to go see Broadway anytime soon, but I think a taste of the soundtrack will do wonders. Sometimes I think the world gets so lost in politics of life today that they forget to slow down and just enjoy the beauty and fun of life. So today I am just going to sit and unwind  and just embrace some new music....peace out. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Moments, 2016...

       So its been awhile since I last made an entry. Today I just woke up and felt a little inspiration to write my thoughts down. Why I don't know, but needless to say I am doing it. I posted this picture today because it is how I want to see each day.It was taken the other day when I was at work.I work at a reservoir so beauty is so common for me. I know I am blessed. I want to see the beginning of each day as new light, new hope, beauty, and one with many colors. For me its important to see that because it helps me get through all the struggles of today's world.

     2016! It is only mid July and yet we have had many important moments of the year. Moments that make you question the importance of Life. Back in June we had the Orlando shooting where a gunman went into a bar and killed a whole lot of people. If that wasn't sick enough,  we have once again been brought to racial tension because of needless killings of both black AND white people. I can't really even go into that because the details in that makes my stomach hurt and make my heart crack. But if you have not lived under a rock the last few months then you know what I am talking about. This world is nuts! America is nuts. We all battle for the same things in life and we are all fighting other people to get what we want. Don't get me wrong, no one is free from the issues we are having. In some way, we all have contributed to the problems in the world today. Yeah, even you, even me. I can admit that sometimes I get mad and just say what ever is on my mind without even giving it another thought , without thinking how someone else may see it, or how it effects them.Yes I have the freedom of speech in this country but really just because we have such freedoms should we exercise that right all the time? Is thinking of someone elses feelings really a burden?  Can people discipline themselves to be better?  All you have to do is look on social media and see how you talk to people, how you post your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions. We as human beings all see life differently, see people differently. We all think and feel in our own special way.  We also judge others for not seeing how we see things. That is the problem. Its funny to me that we as humans all want the same things in life and yet we have to fight, argue with one another because we are not all the same. Yeah, our dreams maybe be different, and how to achieve them, but we basically are all the same. Frankly I am tired of all the chaos I see on TV, on social media. People want change but yet wont sacrifice their beliefs to make it better . Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?  Change will only come when people stop what they are currently doing and step forward to something different.

    If that wasn't difficult enough to deal with we have a political race that just is disgusting to watch. We have two candidates that truly don't have the peoples best interest at heart. I am sick of it. One uses peoples fear to make an opportunity for himself and the other well, cant seem to tell the truth. Which would you like to be face of your country? Yuck I have no clue. Although I do have a few write in in mind... But that is another story.

     Oh and then of course we have had some deaths in the entertainment business that we have had to endure. Prince, David Bowie, Glen Fry, Rene Angelil...Yes, Death is a part of life and no ones life is guaranteed but really, all this in one year?  With all the deaths, the violence, the difficult parts of life we need to keep focusing on the beauty of life.  The good, the laughter, the love, the smiles...all the things that make living special. We all have our passions and we should never put down any ones inspirations even if we don't understand them. Talking down to people will always make YOU look bad. Can you really sleep well at night knowing you put someone down?  Can you sleep well knowing you didn't do your part to help encourage someone else? There will always be negative people in this world but how we respond to it will always  tell the world what kind of people we are. Be better, do better. That is  an awesome goal to have.

     SO if you like music and it helps you through your days, then embrace it. If writing, running, painting, or singing is your thing then by all means keep doing more of it.The key is we are not on this planet to endure pain, or grief all the time.We are not even on this planet to be mad all the time. We are given a life to be the best we can be and to make wonderful memories.Take today and find your beauty, find your gratitude for what you do have, find your inspiration.. Let go of the bitter feelings, the hatred, the resentment....when you do, help someone else find their light, their passions..It all starts with you. There is no reason that we cant all work together.

    I may not be the best of writers, but I speak my heart, my truth. I am living to my true self and that's all that really matters for me and my life. For me, watching a sunrise, seeing the stars of the universe, seeing nature, listening to sweet music of people like Josh Groban, James Taylor, (and a few others), watching a baseball game in the afternoon, eating a hot dog, talking a walk, watching a movie....all simple things but helps me through life. I don't expect people to like the things I do, but that's OK. I am me, and you are you. Its OK to be different. Its OK to see life differently. This world would be so boring if we all thought and felt the same things....

Friday, March 25, 2016

Walks are awesome

     The best thing to do in the mornings is going on a little walk to help wake up the mind and the body. I love my walks in the morning because the temps are just right and it really helps jump start my day. Its a place where I can  listen to my tunes on my I pod  (usually Groban) and think about whatever...I think it is the one thing we can do for ourselves to keep us in a healthy state of mind.I kind of need that moment because once I get home and watch the news, or social media....its usually a mood changer. So much crap in the world that its no wonder  that stress is at an all time high....I think the world needs to slow back down a little. But that is just what I think.

So as I was walking I couldn't help but think about politics. I don't really like talking about politics but because I am getting older it probably is something to think about.I should at least be somewhat knowledgeable about whats going on in the world right? Anyway, the race for president is really strong and I haven't been able to determine who I would vote for. The problem is I am the kind of person that can see both sides of a view. I am kind of neutral on most days.I did say most, so don't hold me to that statement. I don't like any of the candidates but then I can see some good things in all of them too. So how do I decide who would be best? Sometimes I think it doesn't matter too much because what is one vote. Being in California most of our votes are pretty much last to count for anything anyways...But they still count I suppose. I suppose I should still do my duty on voting....But do I pick a flip flopper? Or do I choose a candidate that is rude to people....??All candidates are going to have something good and bad in them simply because that's being human..So what will stand out to me that makes me think they are best fitted to be the face of America?I still have no clue. I just can not believe these are are choices. What happened to the politician that actually cared about the people and not  self interests and can debate without insults and cheap tactics? Okay...done with politics. I have had enough even thinking about it...answer will come eventually in good time.I have to just keep educating myself the best I can....

So for now I just want to focus on the good of the earth, the good of mankind, and the good of having beautiful dreams. It is better for the soul when you focus on positive energy than negative  energy.

My wish for today is that all of mankind think about the things that make their lives happy....May people be blessed with all that they have and all they have to give. Peace and Love...

Thursday, March 24, 2016


No words to say other than God Bless the people of Brussels. Another Terrorist attack, another heartbreak. When will humans stop being so violent? My Heart hurts for you....