Monday, August 21, 2017

Nature, beauty...

Just a few pics I have taken around work and in town lately. Its a blessing to work for a state park ...Its a blessing to see such beauty on a daily basis.This planet is Gorgeous and we MUST take care of her,,,MUST MUST MUST!!!!!

August 21, 2017..Eclipse

          Well today was a day unlike any other we have had in a long time. A solar Eclipse has occurred and apparently it was spectacular. I say apparently because from my location here in California, there really wasn't much to see. But if you were in the zone that is called the Path of Totality then you saw the darkness when the moon blocked out the sun. I understand why people are excited about it, after all this doesn't occur very often and it is happening up in space where most people don't really pay much attention to.... however I just don't get the hype that it came with it and the merchandise that people wanted to sell.  I guess a part of me is bummed that I wasn't in a location to see it but then I also think that because I appreciate the moon and the stars on a regular basis anyway when most people don't that it has become not worth while for me.....that and I am too poor to be traveling other states to see a few moments of darkness. I also will admit there is a part of me that really hates trends. The more people are into it, the less I am...But what ever the reason for my lack of caring about this  particular eclipse I do think it is something to marvel in.This planet is amazing, The Universe is amazing. I know, that sounds very contradictory doesn't it?  I admit I have mixed feelings about it.
           Every so often I go out to this little isolated area near my home where I can see the moon and the stars at night. I go to where the lights are few and the stars are plenty. Its one of my favorite things to do to nourish my soul. I guess you can say it is my church.I have even gotten good at finding satellites  in the sky. I go out on these nights and always wonder why more people do do this.Why don't more people see the beauty in our world? Its always so peaceful when I go because no one is usually there.  So when I hear all the hype on TV I just wonder where the hell all these people are any other day when the stars and moon are just as spectacular.  Tomorrow I am sure people will go back to their cell phones and always looking down and maybe a few will keep their head up and remember the eclipse and really appreciate that there is a whole universe beyond us....There is still so much we don't know...Peace and Love.

P.s. And if I hear that song Total Eclipse From the Heart one more time today I am gonna loose it...LOL..I really cant stand that song.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Finding Miracles...

          So its been awhile since I have posted anything. A busy work week, a busy home life makes it impossible to keep up with things I have really wanted to blog about. But last Saturday while I was at work I took a picture that I thought was just a typical photo. It wasn't until Sunday, the next day that I discovered something different about my picture. I was home relaxing and looking through my pics that I recently took. I zoomed in on this particular one and found an image in the clouds that is so remarkably  a resemblance to a man in the clouds with a staff. Not I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks but I did show it to other people and they saw it too. I know their are skeptics about signs fro God but something inside me feels such hope when I see this. Now I cant prove that it is anything but clouds, but my heart, soul, and faith tells me it is more than just clouds. Now I do not know how to photo shop anything, and other than messing around with lighting, there isn't much I do to pictures. I tried different lights and  the image remains the same. I find myself looking at this picture daily just to remind myself of my faith and give myself some motivation to live my best life. The  world is such a scary place in these times so it is nice to have some hope that I can  give myself on a daily basis. I do believe that the universe sends signs. It is just that most people these days are too focused on their own shit that they don't see the beauty in this world that is out there right now. I am not sure what this sign means other than I have been struggling with issues right now and maybe it was trying to tell me I am not alone. I love the thought that a higher source is leading me into the direction I need to go. I love the idea that someone is looking out for me. Yeah I know life isn't perfect and challenges and struggles are going to be a part of my life. But that's ok. One moment of a random day has made me see my problems in a whole new way. Even if this was just some clouds, the fact it can give me hope is a miraculous thing all by itself. So to all the skeptics that doubt miracles, well its your loss. Life has so much mystery to it and we as humans are not suppose to know everything. I have embarrassed the idea that we are still pretty clueless about so much. But I am open to the ideas of unbelievable things. It has taken me over a week to finally blog this mainly because I wanted to keep this moment to myself. But the more I see it the more I NEED to share it.

God Bless your day.... and may you find your own miracle. Pat attention the world around you because you will never know what may occur....Peace.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


         I went on two walks today and the most beautiful thing I encountered across today was playing Evermore  from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack on my IPod. Its so not fair to listen to such an angelic voice like Josh Groban while I am in such a not so angelic town. I admit I haven't listened to Josh's music in a while due to busy life these days but  coming back to him today I still feel his voice is the most beautiful sound on this planet. The only thing that could possibly be better than his voice is someone telling me that I won the lottery. Other than that, Groban beats everything. ...Peace.....!!!

P.S. Make it an awesome day no matter what you do. Even if your washing your dogs butt with a toothbrush just be happy...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Beautiful moments






Find beauty where ever you go. The world has amazing gifts to offer.  Every tree, every sunrise, every sunset is a gift.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Arts and crafts....

Got my arts and crafts on yesterday by making a candle holder out of a spaghetti jar....Sometimes its fun to put your hands in use and your mind to doing something creative......


2017 is here. Its only January but already so much that has happened to keep our thoughts extremely busy at night. January 20 was inauguration day for America. The transfer of power took place and believe me it wasn't smooth sailing. Now the ceremony itself went alright I suppose but its the aftermath that is still swirling around social media like raging wildfires, So much so that on the 21st  thousand of women from every part of this world marched in protest over our questionable new leader. Even in Antarctica there were protest, Antarctica!!!!Hows that  for democracy! Anyway I am not here to blog about my dislikes for our new leader, although I wont deny that I dislike him. There are plenty of blogs and opinions on this matter. Who needs more of it? Right?  But I do wonder in today's world of selfies, self thought, self care, self matter, self improvement, that how we will able to come together and  work together on making a change for the good of ALL? Where do we start? Are we really leaving it up to our government to make us happy? Isn't up to each one of us to do a part in someway even if that part doesn't always benefit us directly? Anyway, I move on,.,,,

 What I love about America is that we have a constitution that allows us to have freedoms like freedom of speech, expression, etc.  I embrace that right no matter what we say or what is being said. Some countries dont allow for such rights, Sometimes  listening to another view can irritates the crap out of us and we get so  emotionally upset that hurtful things come out. We attack others trying to make them see our point.  Ha, like that actually works. I see it all the time on social media the anger that people have towards opinions that goes against their own personal beliefs.I think its normal to have strong reactions but  at some point shouldn't we  realize that hurtful words do not solve anything? All it does is provoke, alienate,insult, and divide our fellow brothers and sisters. Is that the America  we are? Really?  Yes a different political belief system is healthy but insulting others is not.Who ever said sticks and stones will break bones but words will not hurt obviously doesn't understand what its like to be human.Words hurt.Words have power, They can inspire you or they can break you.   Hell, I know I am not perfect. None of us are.....but I do understand that every single person on this planet can do better, I can at least acknowledge that I have gotten carried away with my words too at times simply because its the norm now. What bothers me is that  when people do express their thoughts and beliefs they are usually criticized right away or made to feel attacked for believing in them, Some  people dont even have those discussions publicly because they are afraid of the backlash they might receive. That to me is a shame and is what we need to change.....AND for the record, even celebrities have a right to express their beliefs. They are human too . Money and stature doesn't define anybody, Character does.

Discussions are always good. Communication is  always good. Its the quality that we need to focus on and improve. As human beings we should all be working together to make this planet a great place for EVERYBODY. We need to keep political discussions open always because it is up to all of us to help improve our government, our society..It effects Everybody.  Avoiding it, or  not participating wont change anything, Do your part. Try putting yourself in another perspective and see what happens.Sometimes we learn from what others see.  Can we all make a difference in a small way? yes.  Can we  be upset with our leaders and still be respectful? yes. Can we protest without doing physical harm? Yes.  Can we listen to another persons view and learn from it? yes....So...then why aren't we? Why aren't we doing more? Why do we constantly look past each other when we all want the same things?  Just because you label your self democrat, republican, independent...whatever...we are people not labels.

yes, I know this new administration has a lot of work to do...I have my doubts completely that he will make anything better. But somehow I have to find hope that things will work out. A positive life only happens with positive energy. This planet has survived a few bad presidents in its time so this wont be any different,We will survive.  But again, we all as citizens must do something too...Protesting on social media is still good despite what many think, But we can still be kind in doing so....WE can do both.

Peace.Love.Kindness...Discussions.Change. Togetherness.