Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reservoir Fire

   So as my  work time at Medeiros Recreational area is rarely eventful for me, I did however got to witness a fire across the Forebay at San Luis Creek a few days ago. It is really quite a sad site to see  as California is in a major drought and some bozo was either ruthless or careless. I know they are still investigating what caused the fire but you know it was because of a moron.It just had to be.Don't quote me on it though, after all it is just my opinion. The wind was strong that day so lucky for me it was pushing away from my direction. All I can say is good work to the firefighters for putting out the fire somewhat quickly. Also good work on saving the baby fawn that got caught up in the heat. I am proud that our State Park did not burn down. All  I can say to anyone who comes across this blog is please be careful when you drive  on roads, or where you put your cigarettes when they are done.It doesn't take much for things to burn when they are dry.Be responsible..PLEASE. California needs our water for survival and not for careless acts. But in truth, sometimes these fires can sometimes be good as they make things grow. Let us keep our parks growing.....

Friday, May 1, 2015

Music, Stress and happiness........

OK,  so I have posted two pictures that I have recently taken, One is of my iPod of my most recent purchase from one of my favorite singers. The other one is the view from my kiosk at work that I  have been going to since March.  Ok, so they are not the best photos as I don't have a real camera at the moment to make it a  really special blog but it will make my point.What could they possibly have in common? Well let me start  with the second one as it is my place of employment and it is where I spend most of my time.It is the place where for every week since coming back to work that I have spent my evenings at. Because I work evenings so much I have spent  the majority of time not being able to see my kids or my BF. Of course when you work evenings a lot you don't really have much time for anything else anyway, unless you are a party animal and stay up to all hours of the night in which I am not. I certainly feel my age. No laughing please. My birthday is tomorrow so I am feeling a tad old at the moment. The kids are on a day schedule, the BF is on a day schedule so they are gone during the day. I am gone at night. SO at work I have to deal with  not only doing my job, but trying to not stress over how I don't have a life anymore. I  go to work, come home go to bed, get up early, take  kids to school, take a bit of a nap again and then go to work again. That really is basically my life at the moment. I know  there are many that would roll their eyes and tell me to stop complaining. After all I have a job, I get to work at a beautiful lake, see sunsets every night  so how hard do I have it? I know my blessings. I won't doubt that I have them.  Maybe its my age, maybe that I don't sleep well anymore, maybe all the drama crap at work and how unappreciated I feel is making me stressed, but it does happen. Customer Service is a tough job no matter where you do it at. Trying to be upbeat and helpful constantly to strangers is tough at times because there are those times when people are just plain mean and do not understand you are just doing your job.I have been called a bitch a few times this season and my season just started. Yeah, people can be  mean at times.

Anyways, the point of all this stress talk brings me to the picture that I posted first. It is my lovely iPod  that I bring to work with me every day. A long time ago I got into the music of Josh Groban. I have been on quite a few adventures in my years being a fan of his.I have had experiences that I will never forget.Those who know me probably thought I was a bit obsessed with him at some point. In fact I think my parents  thought I was going through a divorce to join the cult of Groban. (FOJG) Although I never thought so but maybe it is one of those lies we just tell ourselves to make us believe we are sane. LOL. I went through a phase that was all about Groban. I must say it got me through a tough time  when I went through my divorce, I don't know, I often think those days happened because it was life's way to help me through those times. Either way, it was a phase and I don't really talk much about him these days.Probably having a BF has transitioned me into that. LOL. After all how many Guys want to talk Groban?  However, this year I  started listening to him again at work and his music is still awesome to listen to. It has helped me relieve some of my stress that i have endured in the last few years. His new CD Stages is out and is fabulous, especially if you like musical theater. Now I maybe listening to him again lately but I probably won't be as obsessed as I once was. LOL I did only say PROBABLY.  I just think it is important to have that one thing that helps you get through stressful times. For me it was music, For others it could be fishing, dancing, painting, reading, nose picking, ...whatever. Life is filled with constant change and often stress is a part of that, It is important to recharge our batteries from time to time or lets face it we go nuts.I have pushed the boundaries on that occasionally and certainly more than I will ever admit to.. I am so grateful for the beautiful music that soothes my soul when I need it. I think the talents of singers like Groban are a gift to the world simply because they make people smile and make people get through moments that are hard to get through otherwise., In today's world when there is so much tension, so much negativity we need more people to bring smiles back. We need to keep joy in our lives so we can be the best person we can be for ourselves and for those that truly matter in our lives.I am grateful for my job, my kids, my BF, my family, my friends, my music....but I do need reminding from time to time, like we all do. But short......Groban music + Stress = happiness.....What is your happiness?

Anyway.......its my day off today and getting ready to start a new shift at work. Yeah...morning times finally. But getting up at 4:30 will now  take some time getting use to....I have to keep telling myself I have a job, I have a happy. LOL anyway, til next time.

Peace and Love

Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Thought to think about.....(Like I really have a life)

Okay so a person is never to small to make a difference but one is also never too small to be a pain in the ass.....just ask the mosquito.. Just a thought for the day before heading to work.......(Okay, wasn't my thought but its interesting to think about)

God Bless this day.....and hopefully wont see any mosquito's at the lake. Although someone did bring me a leach in a bag yesterday. Wasn't that nice?Like what am I suppose to do with a Leach????? LOL....Gotta love life in the great outdoors.

Peace and Love always

Thursday, March 26, 2015


All I can say is that this is the album I am looking forward to next......Nothing gives my ears better pleasure than his music....April cant get here soon enough.

what can I say I am a simple girl with simple pleasures.....I don't ask much from life...just good music.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beautiful work pictures

all pics by lbrown

       Some random work pictures this season at the lake. Although I  do need a better camera. I so love my job . It is such a blessing to go to work everyday because every day holds another beautiful moment to capture and reflect on. If only everyone could love what they do.The world would be a better place if they did.  Yes, that is a rattlesnake. It was very pissed off. Believe me, I kept my distance and gave it the respect it deserves. 

Til next time, (soon)

Wishing the best for all mankind on this lovely day.

P.S......conserve water please.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Its almost a full month in to the new year. As every year goes, resolutions are always made in hopes to better our lives.But it is funny, when I ask people what there resolutions are a lot of times they tell me they don't make any.If they don't make any then they cant break any .At least that's what they tell me.I actually find that kind of sad actually. To me resolution's are goals, they are challenges we set for ourselves to make our lives better than before.I can not imagine a person without goals.Sure, I am happy with my life, but there is always room for improvement.Life is always moving so we  ourselves have got to keep moving as well. Anyway, this thought came to me this morning as I was trying to sleep. Why do all the thoughts and lessens of life hit us when we are trying to sleep? Maybe it is because we are still and quiet enough to hear life's messages around us. Maybe God was talking o me today.Regardless, its a marvelous thought to think about. But  there is one thing about the goals we set for ourselves that we need to keep in mind. All the choices we make for selves may not always go well with others. In my experience I have discovered that people that are close in your circle can sometimes frown and judge you upon your choices.People have a tendency to look down upon you if you make choices that don't agree with their way of thinking. It is expected.I know that simply because I live in a small town filled with gossipers. All I can say with that is Don't listen to the negative talk around you. Don't listen to those who think they have a hand in how you live your life.For a long time it use to bother me what people thought.I thought there was something wrong with me because I thought things differently. Duh, I am my own person.. No more.This year for me is a new challenge. Its a challenge to not worry so much about what others may think and focus a bit more on making me happy. Just to be clear, just because you are a parent, you do have a right to be happy too. Do not let anyone tell you that you can't do things for yourself to be happy or that your being selfish for putting yourself first from time to time. It is OK to live like a human being.If there is a positive lesson in that it is that kids will learn that other people matter too. But remember too that no matter what challenges we go through or that we set for selves, it is a challenge and will most likely take several attempts to reach those goals.Do not give up, be strong and remember the beautiful spirit that we were meant to be........basically if I tell myself this more often than I know I will be OK. Anyway....May God Bless your day.......

Friday, January 23, 2015

Catching up.......

           Wow I cant believe its been that long since I last wrote anything.I remember the days when I couldn't stop writing about what ever it was going through my head. Now I am lucky if any thoughts escape my head at all. I suppose my life has been a bit busy these days over the course of the year. I suppose dating will do that. Isn't it funny how  our lives change when we meet people and date them?I feel so different than I use to be now that I am not on my own anymore. Yeah, still single, but have a person in my life that I have to now consider before I make any judgement calls. Sometimes I think it was easier to be on my own than to date. Easier, but lonely. Either way, the best way to describe the past year is to say it was a roller coaster. I went back to the State Parks for work for my 9 months and  now I am unemployed again. That's the nature of my job is that I only get 9 months before being forced to take a break. I like the break, but miss the paycheck. It is incredibly hard to live off unemployment.But if they hire me back, than I am a very lucky person to be working for the Parks.If only the State of California would hire full time.....if only. But a job is a job and I will be incredibly grateful to get one again.In fact the picture I posted with this post is of work before I went off season. I am still so in love with the beauty of working at the lake. I have been totally spoiled for any inside job.

So this year....not much. My Giants won another World Series and I am still reeling over seeing them win a 3rd world series title. I remember years ago how anxious I was to see them just win one....but now 3? Isn't that crazy? The team has changed a bit but I still believe anything is possible. My Giants still get no respect but  winning 3 titles is no fluke. Management has done something right and I feel they can do it again. I wont even talk about the 49ers. So pissed they let the head coach go.They will regret that one I am sure.....but moving on.
Let see....I also could have blogged about seeing the movie the Interview. Ya know, the movie that North Korea didn't want us to see? Sure, its not an academy award winning film, and the humor was lame....but I am into lame movies and I just had to be a rebel against North Korea. LOL. Mainly I
I am just a big James Franco fan so I would have seen it regardless.
I think the one thing I regret not blogging about is the Death of Robin Williams. I grew up watching him and he was one of my favorite comedians. It is so incredibly sad when we loose someone that brought so much joy to the world. I still feel like the world is a bit more dark now that he is gone. It is shocking to me how people we don't know can effect us like that?I think this will effect me me for years to come.

OK, I also could have blogged about all the racism crap that been has been going on lately....but I wont for now. I have so much to say that I am going to need a lot more time to write and frankly not up to it. But soon.All I will say is that there is more to every side of the story.

Let as for my family...the kids are growing up faster than I can breath. My oldest is in collage now and takes the bus daily. I feel so bad I cant get her a car yet. It sucks to be poor. LOL. But shes a champ for making the trip every day. The other two are as bright as can be and they all make me as proud as a parent can be proud.Although they hate me every other day so I must be doing something right.I love my kids at all ages but I do look forward to the day when they are old enough to appreciate all the sacrifices I have done for them.....Parenting is still the hardest job out there.

Well, that's about all I can say at the moment. I can tell I am so out of practice with the blogging.I am also so sleep deprived these days that I haven't had much energy to do so. I hate getting older because the sleep problems get worse.More on that later. I  have totally forgotten how good it feels to let the words go. Hell, I also forgot how good it was to listen to Josh Groban because I went along time without listening to him....I broke down today because I was feeling a bit stressed and sure enough it brought me back up...LOL. Funny how that works.When you step away from something you enjoy for awhile than come back to it, it is amazing how good it feels. Its almost like discovering it again.

Well til later.....Will be back soon.....XOXO